Reporting for Head Office

Pre-loaded with a dozen report templates and the ability to create new, custom reports with ease, our assessment platform and LMS system reporting is designed to work for you.

All employee knowledge reports are available to both management and learners in real time, below are some examples of the reporting currently being used within eLambLMS.

Reporting Examples

Assignment Performance: Quickly identify who the top performing employees are.

Benchmarking: compare individuals or teams with other similar groups peer groups.

Individual Analysis: view the full test transcript (answer sheet) for a single individual or multiple employees

Group Analysis: compare the test history of all candidates within a group (such as a team or department or country etc.)

Group Performance: compare the performance of employees against each other (such as teams or departments or countries etc.)

Question Analysis: monitor and compare how a specific question is performing. This helps you plan your marketing and training if there are questions that are commonly answered incorrectly across the candidates.

Test Assignments: assess the status of a test, for example how many people have completed it, not started it or who have started but not completed it yet.

Test Performance: compare every employee who has taken a test over time.

Confidence versus Competence: find out how confident someone says they are on a topic/question compared to how competent they actually are. For example, you don’t want employees confidently telling your customers the wrong information about your products or services.

Bespoke Options: we can create bespoke reports for you, popular ones include; making league tables to be used for internal marketing and competitions and creating reports that can be used in employee performance appraisals.

Multi Lingual: All eLearning and assessments can be delivered in multiple languages so the performance of learners/candidates can be compared easily across the globe. In fact, each question can be compared across the globe so you can see how people in China perform against people in the UK at question level and not just test level.

Reporting for The Learner

Coaching Mode

This is a great way to take the “stigma” away from assessments! Coaching mode is when the learner/employee can view the correct answer and an explanation of the correct answer once they have selected their answer choice. The system is intuitive enough to record their original answer and does not let them go back and change their answer once the correct one has been shown.

Personalised Learning Plans

Once a learner/employee has completed their assessment you can give them feedback personalised to their performance in the online test. You can give them feedback per question they answered or group questions into a section and give feedback depending on how they performed in the section. This is a great way to point learners back to eLearning courses or company documents to help them improve their understanding of the topic before taking the test again.


Once an online assessment has been completed or a series of tests have been completed, learners can be awarded certificates to show they have passed the test or passed at a specific level (such as Distinction). These certificates can be printed off and saved in their file or accessed via the admin portal of our assessment platform/ LMS system.

For a demo of our assessment platform/ our on demand management reporting, please contact us on 01325 734 885.

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