Are you looking for a way to reinvigorate your current training, making it more engaging and effective?

eLamb specialise in adding gaming mechanics (gamification) to your training material. We can create an eLearning course on any subject that grabs the attention of your employees, encourages them to learn whilst helping you reach your training goals and gain a competitive advantage.

We have the following games available today – all we need is your training material: Deal or No Deal, Who Wants to be a Millionaire, Penalty Shoot Out and classics like Battleships, Hangman and Noughts & Crosses.

Looking for something else? Not only can we transform your existing content into one of our games we can also create a brand new game for you, just ask!

Lacking training material? Fear not, we can also write the content for you! Click here to see how we create Custom eLarning courses and assessments.

If you’d like to discuss gamification as part of your eLearning/ training strategy call us on +44 (0) 1325 734 885

See below for our FAQ section on Gamification

Gamification FAQ:

What is Gamification?

Gamification is the application of ‘game playing’ to training material with the aim of engaging and encouraging your employees to learn, improve their performances and compete with their peers.

The application of gaming mechanics will see your learners accrue points and awards for completing the training material to high standard, star performers are also highlighted to everyone in leader boards Gamification-vs-Game-Based-eLearning-1creating friendly competition.  

When is Gamification suitable?

Applicable in almost any scenario, Gamification is best deployed when you want to engage, motivate, influence and increase loyalty with your employees.

Are you responsible for delivering compliance based training/ eLearning on topics such as Health & Safety, Fire Safety, Food Hygiene etc or other subjects such as PCI DSS, Equality & Diversity or Soft Skills etc and looking for an alternative, more modern way to deliver your training material? Gamification could be the answer to increasing your audience’s understanding, engagement and motivation to participate and learn your material.

We have created engaging eLearning courses with gaming mechanics across all of these subjects and more for hundreds of companies.

Is Gamification about making work/ training fun?

Assuming that gamification is all about ‘fun’ is a typical reaction when people hear the word ‘game’ Gamification_Could_Be_the_Way_You_Motivate_Disengaged_Employeeshowever it couldn’t be further from the truth. Yes, gaming mechanics can increase engagment and make your training more appealing however gamification is a genuine solution to real training problems.

All training you deliver to your employees is important and it must be understood by your colleagues, however not every employee is motivated or willing to engage with traditional training methods such as classroom or on screen reading. Gamification is a proven tool to increase engagment, understanding and motivation.

Where may I have seen Gamification before?

Everywhere. Gamification is the application of ‘gaming mechanics’ and incentives to employees or customers with the aim of influencing whilst increasing motivation and engagement. Classic examples in the B2C world are Air Miles, McDonald’s Monopoly and basic loyalty cards i.e. Tesco Clubcard, Starbucks Rewards etc all of which are designed to encourage their consumers to repeat purchase – McDonalds see a 5.6% increase in sales during their monopoly

From an eLearning and training perspective the aim of gamification is make training more ‘fun’, drive employee engagement, create friendly competition and embed the learning requirements within your employees minds. This is achieved through the rewarding of points, awards and leaderboard tables.   

What’s eLambs Experience in Gamification

We have created eLearning for nearly 10 years and during our time we have applied gaming mechanics to hundreds of our eLearning courses and assessments for a wide variety of customers across a multiple of industries including; Hair and Beauty, Manufacturing, Hospitality, Construction and Waste Management.

Where Can I learn more?

Why not start with us? Give us a call  on +44 (0) 1325 734 885 where we’d be happy to discuss the benefits of gamification further, explore how it may work for you and your business and share with you some examples of our work and case studies.  

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