We create and deliver bespoke eLearning courses around the content you give us (PowerPoint, documents or product brochures etc) or we source the content for you if you don’t have the expertise on the subject – or time!

We also have an off the shelf eLearning library of pre authored and assured courses you can use straight away or as a starting point for creating your own bespoke eLearning courses.

When authoring eLearning courses on your behalf all we require is a brief as to what you would like to achieve and we will use our eLearning designers to create courses tailored to your needs.

To learn more please contact us on +44 (0) 1325 734 885

Below are a few tricks eLamb uses to make make eLearning interesting for learners.


Learners don’t all go down the same path, they can chose their own path either by navigating where they want to go or being led to areas of the learning course as a result of how they have performed in previous section of the course.


Learners can take quizzes at the end of the learning course with scores being returned to your LMS if required, alternatively they can be used during the learning experience to keep learners paying attention.


We can use videos you already have to help learners retain knowledge or we can create videos, animations and screen recordings for you.


Makes learning more fun than reading static documents and power point slides, it makes the course more engaging to learners as they have to think and not just read.

This can be done by:

  • Asking learners to make notes and add text before they can move on to the next slide
  • Find hidden/visible hot spots that trigger a response in the learning course when found
  • Drag and drop images to demonstrate understanding during the learning course

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