Product Manufacturing

Why do Product Manufactures partner with eLamb?

When manufacturing a product that is sold by remote sales teams – who sometimes sell other, competitor products how do you ensure that they know your product and that they know it better than a rivals?

eLamb can create a product knowledge eLearning module that engages with your sales team and educates them – giving you a competitive edge and boost sales.

How does eLamb do that?

By creating fun and interesting eLearning modules, we make product training that can be accessed securely 24/7 anywhere in the world, without the need and cost of sending out a trainer every time.

Resulting in better educated sales channels who are motivated to learn at a fraction of the cost.

How do you deliver the training?

In addition to creating custom eLearning modules we’re able to provide you with access to our easy to use Learning Management System (eLambLMS) and in-depth reporting.

Our LMS system gives you an internal messaging and networking tool so you can communicate directly with the salespeople selling your products on to the end customers.

It houses all product training materials such as eLearning modules, product literature and brand guidelines.

In depth reporting will give you greater insight into the individuals who are selling your products, identify knowledge gaps in individuals or groups around your product range and give you more control over the information they pass on to your customers.

If your sales channels also sell other competitor products, then eLambLMS gives you direct access to those selling your products, keeping you closer to them than your competitors and keeping your products more fresh in their minds.

Already have an LMS System?

Don’t worry our custom designed eLearning courses can be placed within your current system as well.

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