Product Knowledge

Carefully designed, informative eLearning can improve your team’s product knowledge.

We specialise in designing eLearning courses on any topic… including yours!

If you are looking to increase turnover from your product sales whilst strengthening your brand? eLamb can help you improve the knowledge of those who sell your products.

If that sounds to good to be true, it gets better… You can teach people about your product without having to organise training days… saving you time, effort and money.

Product Knowledge eLearning is ideal for companies who sell their products via 3rd parties or companies with their own sales force. We create eLearning courses and assessments to discover where knowledge gaps exist, filling those knowledge gaps to promote your products and maximise sales.

Keep training updated with ease

As marketing material changes and products are developed, you have a single source to update rather than needing to reprint reams of marketing booklets and sales aids for product training.

Our management reporting allows you to make better use of your trainers and gives you key information around your most effective and ineffective routes to market.

Common businesses we create Product Knowledge courses for include:

  • Food & Drink product manufacturers
  • Pharmaceutical product manufacturers
  • Sales teams & Sales brochures
  • Furniture product manufacturers
  • Waste Management companies
  • Health & Beauty product manufacturers
  • Franchisors
  • Retailers


Clients we work with...

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