Personal Development

We create custom eLearning courses to support your learners/candidates in Continuing Professional Development (CPD), training, tracking and documenting the skills, knowledge and experience they gain as they work beyond any initial training.

Our eLearning is designed to allow learners/candidates to drive their own development, taking the pressure off employers or professional bodies needing to organise formal training. This is achieved via ‘Push Pull’ training where a learner can either search for the training they want to take or by you pushing mandatory courses to them in order to develop their knowledge and skills.

Some benefits of using eLearning for CPD

  • Provides an overview of a person’s professional development to date.
  • Reminds a person of their achievements and how far they have progressed.
  • Directs a person’s career and helps them keep their eye on their goals.
  • Uncovers gaps in their skills and capabilities.
  • Opens up further development needs.
  • Demonstrates a person’s professional standing to clients and employers.
  • Helps you a person with their career development.

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