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If you’re responsible for the training and development of your employees and looking to deliver a Modern Slavery eLearning course, we can help. 

If your business has a global turnover of £36 million or more and supplies goods or services to the UK, your business must ensure that there is no slavery in any part of your business. This includes all of your supply chains.

Are you doing all you can to ensure that your colleagues are not only aware of the Modern Slavery Act, but also fully aware of the key risks to your company, their personal responsibilities and what to look out for?

As a provider of Off The Shelf and custom eLearning courses, we have produced a number of bespoke Modern Slavery eLearning modules and assessments to companies within the Hospitality, Construction, Manufacturing and Waste Management industries.

We also have Off The Shelf courses and assessments on Modern Slavery too.

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assessments, please get in touch.

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Our Courses

Off The Shelf

We have a 30 minute off the shelf eLearning module on Modern Slavery available today. Our course has been written by industry experts and covers the following

  • What is Modern Slavery?
  • The Modern Slavery Act & Penalties
  • The Key Risks
  • What to look for and what to do?

Our eLearning course is then followed by a Modern Slavery knowledge assessment.

The course can also be fully edited to fit your needs and branded in your corporate colours and logo.

Our Modern Slavery course can be deployed via the web, your LMS System or ours, eLambLMS.

Custom Made

Are the key risks and responsibilities to your business and industry more specific? Perhaps you require eLamb to create a custom Modern Slavery eLearning course and assessment?

eLamb have been commissioned to create bespoke Modern Slavery eLearning courses and assessments for many of our clients in the Hospitality, Construction, Waste Management and Product Manufacturing industry.

Each course and knowledge assessment is designed to cover your specific industry and the key risks to your business ensuring your employees are fully versed in the act and how they can help prevent slavery occurring within your business/ supply chains.

If you’d like to understand more about our ability to create and deliver custom eLearning modules on Modern Slavery, then drop us a line or give us a call.

More on Modern Slaverymodern-day-slavery

The Modern Slavery Act was introduced March 2015, the act was introduced to tackle slavery in the UK and consolidates previous offences relating to trafficking and slavery.

Modern Slavery is a very serious problem across the globe and the UK is no exception, last year there were 289 offenses prosecuted with the Home Office estimating there was between 10,000 and 13,000 additional victims of Modern Slavery in the UK alone

Current Prime Minister Theresa May has labelled Modern Slavery as ‘The Great Human Rights Issue of Our Time’ and set aside £33m from the aid budget to fun initiatives to rid the world of the ‘barbaric evil’.

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