How it Works

To create seriously fun and effective eLearning for our clients we design and build custom eLearning courses for them. We do have off the shelf eLearning courses but we know you want your eLearning to match your exact training requirements whilst looking, sounding and feeling as though it belongs to you! Also, with our content development rates so reasonably priced why wouldn’t you choose the tailored approach?

So how do we design and develop the perfect eLearning course?

Firstly, having developed and delivered training for over 150 clients in multiple industries, we have the knowledge of what makes training engaging and effective.

Secondly, we’re not just another training provider, we’re more. We like to build a strong relationship, share ideas and best practice with our customers. We also project manage the entire process, giving you more time to focus your efforts elsewhere.

We are more of a training partner than a training provider.

Step by Step

Step 1: Understanding your objectives.

Initially we have an introductory call/online screen share to go through your primary requirements and objective. We will also tell you more about eLamb and answer any questions you may have. This typically lasts around 20-30 minutes.

Step 2: Helping you put a brief together

Some times this is a visit but more often than not this again is a call/screen share. Here we look to finalise your objectives, agree a brief and establish how we can help you meet your goals. The following topics are covered;

  • Technology required: eLearning, Online Assessment, Learning Management system, or all three
  • Content: We collect any materials you may have, including existing PowerPoint slides, internal documents or marketing brochures. If this doesn’t exist, we can interview subject matter experts within your company or source on your behalf
  • Modules: what subjects need covering, the content, is an assessment required and reporting options
    Functionality required: videos, interactions, animation, gamification, audio are all discussed as possibilities
  • Time Scales: Identifying a suitable delivery date.

Step 3: Designing your modules

Once we understand your requirements and have a brief, our team of eLearning course developers begin to build your ideal eLearning module(s)/online assessment(s) to meet the agreed time scales. We use our experience and knowledge of your business to ensure the courses are on point, engaging and fun for your learners.

Step 4: Reviewing your modules

Once the initial draft is complete, we provide you with access to review the eLearning/online assessment.

Step 5: Amending your modules

Any feedback or changes required from the initial draft are then acted upon, we then finalise the design of your final version.

Step 6: Signing off and Delivery

Once you’re satisfied we sign off the final versions and if you’re using eLambLMS (our Learning Management System) we create your account and provide you with a training session. If, however your using your existing provider we provide you with the content to place within your current system.

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