The Safe Summer Food Challenge – do you know food hygiene?

It’s Food Safety Week 2017!

The theme of the week this year is to raise awareness of cooking and storing food for those all important summer barbecues. We decided to do our bit to help you get to grips with food hygiene online too.

While the people behind Food Safety Week, the Food Standards Agency, don’t offer any tips on how to make your barbecue a party to remember, they do give some great advice on how to avoid foodie disasters.

Test your food hygiene knowledge with the Safe Summer Food Challenge

The FSA have put together a handy infographic to make us all aware of how best to maintain food safety during barbecue season, and how not to give your family and friends food poisoning.

At eLamb, as a custom eLearning company, naturally we thought this was a great topic to create a fun quiz around. So below you can try our online assessment to test your food hygiene knowledge and be ready for a summer of sunny days (fingers crossed!) and properly cooked food.

Whether you shy away from cooking or fancy yourself as a pro, see how well you score in our quick test of your barbecuing instincts versus what the food safety experts recommend.

If you’re confident you know how to store and cook food properly, we’re challenging you to dive right into the test and don’t check the infographic until afterwards. Or if you know food safety isn’t your strong point and want to brush up on best practices before the quiz, you can swat-up on the Safe Summer Food infographic here.


Hopefully you enjoyed our Safe Summer Food Challenge and learnt a few things about how to make sure your barbecues are a (hygiene) success this summer. One of the biggest challenges when it comes to designing eLearning, is ensuring the content is fun and engaging, which is why we always recommend including gamification in online training, which many of our courses feature.

At eLamb we have years of experience delivering eLearning solutions to the hospitality industry

If you’re in the hospitality industry and work with food, we offer 7 CIEH-assured Level 2 Food Safety and Hygiene eLearning courses and would love to hear your thoughts on our quick quiz. Is online training something you currently do at work? Do you think your training could be improved and more engaging?

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