Who takes anti slavery more seriously, France, UK or USA?

Raising awareness of Modern Slavery within a company and its supply chains is a hot topic at the moment, but are all countries adopting the same approach to regulation and enforcement?

The answer is No, below we summarise what 3 countries are doing to police Modern Slavery, but there are some countries in the world still not regulating it.

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Foreign companies operating in the U.K. must comply with the country’s regulations as well as UK companies operating at home and abroad. However, the most enforceable clause merely requires a plan to evaluate and address modern slavery problems, something many companies already do.

France modern slavery regulations 2017France, by contrast, goes further , requiring a mechanism to receive alerts of violations from workers as well as the organisations that serve them locally within a company’s “plan of vigilance.” Companies without this mechanism could be charged up to £10 million ($11.2 million).

US Modern Slavery regulationsU.S. laws, meanwhile, control imports rather than companies.

Although companies with operations in California, much like the U.K., must report on anti-slavery initiatives.

Reporting legislation is often perceived as toothless, however the U.K. Department of Justice is showing a willingness to enforce the rules.

With the new rule in France, and a similar although more spotty anti-slavery infrastructure in the U.S., compliance for global companies will become increasingly important.

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