Put People over profit to stop fashion slavery

We have just come across the Mail online article Put People over profit to stop fashion slavery about how the struggle against modern-day slavery in the fashion industry is being hampered by public relations spin and companies that still put profit not people at the heart of their business models.

The fashion industry has come under pressure to change since more than 1,100 garment workers were killed in the Rana Plaza factory collapse in Bangladesh four years ago.
Big brands have been criticised for failing to improve working conditions in their supply chains – from cotton fields to spinning mills and garment factories.

Fashion firms have been accused of allowing or turning a blind eye to abuses from dangerous conditions and long working hours to child labour and bans on forming trade unions.

The article reminds us about a blog we wrote in February about London Fashion Week – Modern Slavery and how the fashion industry is marred with modern-day slavery.

The Moderns Slavery Act 2015 sets out what companies can do to play their part in policing and reducing modern slavery in their supplies chains and within their own organisations.

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