BBC Humans for Sale

Last week we watched the BBC programme Humans for Sale when investigative journalist Sam Poling went undercover and found Eastern European crime gangs repeatedly forcing trafficked women into sexual exploitation and sham marriages.

Signs of Modern Slavery are obvious to those conscious of what to look for and form part of the off the shelf Modern Slavery eLearning course we have ready for access.

Saving somebody from this experience would be a life changing experience for the victim and could be done by simply knowing what to look for and how to react.

Should a company decide they want a custom eLearning solution built around their organisation and supply chain, we are experienced in writing such courses and being  experts, hosting such a course or running it on a company’s LMS is all in a day’s work.

If you would like more information on how eLearning can provide your company and staff with the ability to help stop this horrific practice, please contact us or call us on ++44 1325 734 885.

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