Women trafficked to Glasgow for sham marriages

We have just come across the BBC article Women trafficked to Glasgow for sham marriages about Eastern European crime gangs who are repeatedly forcing trafficked women into sexual exploitation and sham marriages.

The programme, Humans for Sale, found one Slovakian girl who had been trafficked to Glasgow three times.

Many of the women were forced into sham marriages with men, mainly from Pakistan, who were seeking to apply for residency in the UK.
The women, who are EU citizens, are lured to the UK with false promises.

The article reminds us about a blog we wrote in February about UK Border Forces Failing to Spot Modern Slavery Victims and the sad truth that it is so hard to police and stop modern slavery.

The Moderns Slavery Act 2015 sets out what companies can do to play their part in policing and reducing modern slavery in their supplies chains and within their own organisations.

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