Does the UK know as much about wines as France?

With French champagne group Taittinger being ‘very impressed with the quality of English sparkling wine being produced’ and announcing plans to plant vines in the UK, Sparkling in Kent, is the UK hospitality industry as well trained in wine service as it’s French counterparts?

Here at eLamb we’re doing our part in raising UK standards by offering 11 Wine Service Modules as part of our eLearning Hospitality library.

Being LMS experts and eLearning experts is one thing, but after writing wine courses with the Academy of Food and Wine we have now started to look at more than just the price when browsing wines in the Supermarket!

Our off the shelf wine courses discuss wine tasting, equipment and glassware, opening champagne, pouring and decanting wines, matching food with wines and major areas of wine production.

I guess we should update our course not to include Kent in that list!

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