What is it like to do Work Experience at eLamb?

Working with eLamb has certainly been a very eye-opening experience for me. As a company that “makes its money” from delivering (non face to face) online training courses such as Modern Slavery eLearning, you can forgive me for thinking they would be a bunch of people more comfortable with earphones in, working on screens, than having good “banter” with a work experience person.

However from the moment I walked into the office all of the staff quickly jumped up to introduce themselves to me, which was a great welcome to receive. After speaking to eLamb’s MD, Mark Wilson, I spoke to Craig their Project Director and he assigned me a few tasks to get on with straight away.

They talked a lot about how some things are just better done face to face and that eLearning should be used to support traditional training methods such as 1-2-1 meetings.

I can easily see what they mean, if they simply sat me down at my desk and said “watch this video and do this eLearning course” I would not have felt as part of the team as I did.

As a student studying Creative Media Technology at Leeds Beckett University, it was fantastic to see what it was like to work in an office environment. One of the main benefits of this experience was seeing how the communication between all the employees worked, which I will certainly be taking note of for my future projects at university.

Using different online tools, the communication between all departments such as sales, customer service and the development team seemed to be faultless.

During my time at eLamb I have been working on branding for the company’s off the shelf learning platform, which is very similar to the work I do at university.

I have had a fantastic time working at eLamb and would certainly not turn down any opportunity to return in the future. I would like to thank Mark and his team for providing me with such a valuable experience.


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