Don’t be afraid to act if you suspect someone is being forced into slavery

On the 6th April the BBC published a story about a Travelodge staff member calling in the police when a man checked into a double bedroom at one of their hotels with a 13 year girl.

Whilst it turned out to be a father and his daughter, I for one would prefer to know hotel staff members would “think twice” when I booked a room with my daughter than fear people were doing nothing to stop trafficking and modern slavery.

Well done to that employee for acting.

What this highlights is the importance of checking understanding after training has been delivered.

You can check if training has been understood by 1-2-1 question and answer sessions with employees, better still, create a short quiz delivered via your online training system and highlight your employee’s knowledge gaps.

eLamb has really got behind raising awareness of Modern Slavery in the past 12 months and hope more companies out there bring it to the forefront of their employees minds, just as Travelodge have done.

Help your employees spot potential victims of Modern Slavery and train them on what to do in such circumstances.

We have an off the shelf Modern Slavery eLearning course ready for you to use today in your LMS system or ours.

If however, you’re looking for a custom eLearning experience specific to your policies, procedures and brand, then we can create a fully custom eLearning course for you on Modern Slavery.

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