How can you show you are the right company for an employee?

My grandfather always said a job is for life, which was very accurate for his generation. However these days most of us will work for multiple companies in our careers and will experience the good, the bad and dare I say the ugly when faced with interviewing and induction training.

High quality job applicants jump through hoops to impress prospective employers but only a few companies do enough to impress job applicants and new employees.

There seems to be an assumption by so many companies that they are doing applicants a favour simply by offering employment and having a job role available.

We also share our experience of interviews and our first few days and weeks in a new job with our friends and compare them with our own past experiences.

As a result we actually make our mind up very quickly on whether we have made the right choice to join our new company and tell other people!

I am 5 weeks into my new role and feel well placed to to discuss the importance a good induction programme plays in retaining employees.

Today I had a meeting with a leading HR consultant in the hospitality sector and the issue of staff recruitment and retention was highlighted as the major challenge managers in the sector face.

Attracting and training staff is going to be very time consuming and costly if you are always having to do it. Just think how much time and money you could save if you improved your employee retention?

Remember recruitment and onboarding is a two way thing.

How can a person show they are the right employee for a company?

How can you show you are the right company for the employee?

The best people can be lost amidst the unexpected challenges faced with recruiting and training new employees, highlighted very well in Sorry, I’m Leaving

So what can be done to improve employee retention.

Here at eLamb we help companies in all industries, especially in hospitality improve their employee retention.

We do it by developing custom made and off the shelf recruitment and induction programmes.

If you’d like to discuss any of the above, please call us on 01325 734 885 or contact us via email for more information.

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