Article 50 is likely to increase slavery in the UK

The signing of Article 50 today marks the point of no return for the UK’s exit from the European Union. Although she inherited the Brexit decision, Theresa May’s political legacy as prime minister will stand and fall on how successfully she manages to steer the country through the turmoil.

The Prime Minister’s signature policy when she was home secretary was the introduction of  the landmark Modern Slavery Act in 2015, which she has since continued to champion.

As we have already highlighted in our recent blog Modern Slavery reporting has increased by 78%

But how will Brexit affect Modern Slavery?

It is likely the signing of Article 50 will worsen the problem of Modern Slavery and the UK’s exit from Europe may well undermine the progress she has made to date.

Andrew Crane, Director of the Centre of Excellence in Responsible Business at York University writes an interesting article explaining why.

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