Piccadilly Hotel Fire

A five-star hotel in London’s Piccadilly had to evacuate approximately 200 staff and guests yesterday when a fire broke out. You can read the full article here

The site was declared safe at 3pm and disrupted local streets were able to return to normal shortly afterwards.

Incidents such as this serve to remind us how easily fires can begin and how even a small fire like this, can have sizeable implications. If you work within the hospitality (or any other) industry, do you and your colleagues receive, regular and adequate Fire Safety Training?

As an eLearning provider, we’re passionate about the training and development of employees.  We have developed a library of off the shelf eLearning courses and assessments specifically for the hospitality industry. Our range includes a suite of level 2 assured compliance eLearning modules and assessments on topics such as Fire Safety which we currently supply to many independent hotels and chains across the UK as part of our hospitality eLearning training package.

Clients include; QHotels, Travelodge, Home House, Great Fosters, Middleton Lodge and Swinton Park.

If you’d like to see our Hospitality eLearning compliance package and our Level 2 assured courses which include Fire Safety, Health and Safety, Food Safety, Licencing Laws training and more then please get in touch.

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