Could eLearning have saved my date night?

Our apprentice Siân Mitchell reflects on her recent night out…

My boyfriend and I went on a date night last Friday. Unfortunately, this didn’t go as planned…. I wonder, could eLearning have saved my date night?

My date night was a disaster for a number of reasons, and all because restaurant staff were not trained properly to react to situations that arose.

Our evening started in a moderately busy, popular chicken restaurant where we were stood waiting to be greeted and shown to our table for close to 5 minutes whilst the waitresses stood talking about their weekend plans. When they eventually noticed us, we were seated and asked if we had been here before. After getting it explained to us, I was still a bit confused so we got another member of staff to explain the menu, however, they seemed just as confused as us – it was their first day on the job. I wondered, could a custom induction/ onboarding eLearning module explaining how to greet new customers and walking them through the menu have helped this new employee in this situation?

When receiving our food, it was cold and the chicken was slightly undercooked. When the food came back, I double checked the chicken and we got an apology for the wait. The food was lovely once they had fixed the issue. Again, I wondered to myself, have these new employees taken any training on food preparation and hygiene? at eLamb we have a level 2 assured food safety eLearning module that would have been perfect – I considered taking out my mobile and showing the mobile compatible eLearning course we have!

When we went to pay there was another new employee on the till and he was having difficulty using the system. Eventually, he requested the manager’s assistance – we were actually stood waiting to pay for close to 10 minutes and there was a queue quickly forming. I again wondered had this employee had adequate till training or were they simply learning on the job which made for a poor customer experience. At eLamb we have worked across the hospitality industry to create custom till training eLearning courses helping educate employees on a number of situations and ensuring they can use the till effectively.

Once we’d left the restaurant we headed to the cinema – we just needed to pick a film! I’m really indecisive so we asked the cashier what they would recommend. To my surprise, he had no suggestions or real knowledge of what films we might enjoy! Luckily, there was a more experienced staff member who jumped in and saved the day. For the final time that evening, I wondered could an eLearning course designed to ensure employee product knowledge have helped? Whether you’re in a restaurant, a cinema or a shop I always expect members of staff to have an understanding of the company, product and services they represent. Don’t you?

eLearning is a modern, quick and easy way of getting employee’s inducted, trained and compliant. An engaging, 20 minute eLearning course & assessment can assure employees to the latest standards – both in terms of legislation and company expectations, in a cost and time effective manner.

Looking back, a little eLearning at the restaurant in question could certainly have saved our date night!

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