Fines for ignoring Asbestos warnings

Reading the article about Stirling Council’s fine of £10,500 for ignoring asbestos warnings reminds me about the article we published last year on Asbestos Awareness training.

We recently had a discussion with one of the Asbestos Trade Associations around eLearning for the industry. The discussion was around:

“When is eLearning an acceptable form of training on topics such as Asbestos?”

The conclusion being to raise general awareness and protect staff who work in buildings with asbestos.

For the more in-depth training needs such as to obtain qualifications on how to handle Asbestos properly, it is still best served by hands on and face to face training.

In summary, if you are asking staff to sweep, dust and move furniture about where pipes are lagged with the potentially deadly material, you should be delivering training on how to do it properly.

Of course, we at eLamb feel that training should be eLearning!

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