The Trouble with Buying Shoes!

If, like me, you have flat feet and/ or ‘dodgy’ knees you know how difficult it can be to find shoes that are comfortable, provide stability, within budget and stylish. I say ‘ish’ as the truth is when you need shoes to provide support and stability – style is something you say goodbye to.

This is a problem I face every 9 months or so, until recently… I started buying my shoes from a running specialist store, ‘SweatShop’ it was up to 50% more expensive than the regular sports stores however, I found the sales team so knowledgeable and helpful. The shoes I was sold fitted my needs perfectly. Last weekend it was time to buy some new shoes and I was disappointed to see this store had closed down and their stock now sold via Sports Direct.

I can only summarise the miserable 4 hours that followed… I visited no less than 5 major sports stores in 2 shopping centres and nobody could help me… nobody had the knowledge and understanding of Stability Shoes. One sales rep actually said to me ‘Stability Shoes didn’t exist’. In truth, due to previous purchases, I actually knew more than the sales reps.

I found it incredibly frustrating that the sales teams in these large chain sports stores had no knowledge of their products and no ability to help me. I was ready to give up, it was then when in the final hour I stumbled across an independent running specialist store.

Lewis was my knight in shining armour. Lewis understood my poor biomechanics and spent 25 minutes or so with me examining the way I walked, the level of support I needed and ensured that the shoes fitted correctly – I was so relieved and happy that when Lewis suggested a pair of shoes that were almost double my budget at £130 that I still purchased them and thanked him for all of his help. He could see I’d had a tough day and threw in a pair of free socks. What a guy.

As I headed home, it made me think, could I have purchased these shoes in the larger sports stores and saved myself all the hassle? I looked on the web and I could have! yet nobody had the product knowledge to help.

I wonder, how much revenue large organisations are missing out on in lost sales due to the lack of product knowledge their sales teams possess…. and that’s across all organisations in all industries.

If you have a sales team, how do you ensure they have the necessary product knowledge to help your consumers and sell them the products they need/ want?

We’re working with a number of manufacturers such as Sofa Specialists, Darlings of Chelsea delivering product knowledge eLearning and assessment courses. Our courses are designed to improve the knowledge of their sales teams and highlight to management skills gaps across their workforce. Darlings of Chelsea have discovered that the more knowledge a sales rep has the more likely they are to meet a customers need and wants. It sounds obvious, doesn’t it…

Do you think you could benefit from product knowledge eLearning? if so, drop us a note below – we’d welcome the chance to show you how we could create a custom eLearning course and assessment for you.

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