Social Responsibility for Hotels – Tackling Modern Slavery

This article in Gloucestershire Live highlights a big challenge facing our customers, especially in the Hospitality industry.

Modern Slavery is a really big problem, with an estimated 13,000 victims (2014 data) in Britain alone.

“It is a despicable and inhuman crime in which women, men and children are subjected to unimaginable suffering by criminals.” Theresa May

How many customer facing staff in hotels are aware of the issue, can identify signs from their customers or even colleagues (as Sheila Fedrick did so well for Air Alaska) or know what to do if they suspect customers or colleagues are victims of modern slavery?

If you would like to learn more about how eLamb supports our customers by tackling modern slavery, please contact us .

Every company has a social responsibility to protect their customers and employees from issues such as slavery.

Legally, companies with a turnover of £36 million or more doing business in the UK have to prepare a slavery and human trafficking statement each financial year, stating the steps they have taken to ensure their business and supply chains are slavery free.

The statement must be published on the organisation’s website and a failure to comply can lead to an injunction.

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