UK Border Force Failing to Spot Modern Slavery Victims

An inquiry report filed by two official watchdogs (David Bolt and Kevin Hyland) has found that the UK border Force is “missing thousands of modern slavery victims at our borders” with only 1 trafficker identified in 2016.

The report was released a day after current PM, Theresa May stated the introduction of the UK Modern Slavery Act was one of proudest achievements in government, she has set aside 33 million from the UK aid budget as reported in our blog post last august

Bolt, chief inspector of borders and Hyland, the anti-slavery commissioner claim there were as many as 3,266 potential Modern Slavery victims in 2015, 94% of whom would have come through our borders however only 265 potential victims were identified during a 6 month period.

You can read the full article here

Modern Slavery Training

Naturally, as we specialise in the design of Modern Slavery eLearning courses (we also have an off the shelf module + assessment) this article caught our eye… it was the inspector’s comments on the training of staff however that turned our heads. Those at UK borders responsible for the training and development of staff claimed considerable effort had gone into training frontline staff on how to tackle Modern Slavery. The officers on the end of this training, however, claimed not all on the front line received it and those who did the training said it was a pure ‘tick box exercise’.

Ironically, last week Sheila Fedrick, a Flight Attendant for Air Alaska revealed how she saved a young teenage girl from a human trafficker, illegal under the Modern Slavery Act and how her training helped her spot the potential signs of a victim of Modern Slavery. We wrote a blog about that too

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If your business turns over more than £36 million you must ensure your company and all suppliers are free from Modern Slavery.

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