eLamb’s 2017 Customer Survey Results are Back!

So the results of eLamb’s customer survey results are back!

Our 3 main values at eLamb are to be “Honest, Reachable and Reliable” and in that vein of honesty, I would like to share some of the headline results from our 2017 Survey.

We will be giving everyone who completed our survey a detailed response so we can show what we have taken from their personal feedback.

8.15/10 for Overall Customer Service

This is the most disappointing result for us and the comments given by customers indicate we were under-resourced in the early part of 2017. We have already taken on a new Client Service Manager and Account Manager but we are also looking for an additional eLearning Developer to help us improve on that score in 2017.

100% Value for money

This is obviously very pleasing; our customers feel we deliver a great return on investment and we feel our flexible approach to pricing and delivery gives our customers the opportunity to find what is best for them.

94% would use eLamb again

Looking through all the comments shared by our customers, it is true to say the only people who said they would not work with eLamb again focus solely on a niche area of training within their companies. As such there is no further need for training other than what eLamb created on the current project.

100% would recommend eLamb

Please do recommend us!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our customers for their continued support over the last 12 months and to the team at eLamb… you truly are eLearning and LMS boffins!


Founder & Managing Director

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