Disability Awareness eLearning

Everyone should be able to enjoy going to the cinema

I dropped my 7-year-old daughter off at the cinema for a friend’s birthday party on Saturday and as the birthday boy’s parents and family were with the children I had a coffee in the café outside.

I got speaking to a gentleman who is a wheelchair user about how difficult it was for him to go to the cinema. As I work for an online training company in eLamb who provide eLearning compliance courses on topics including disability awareness I was able to add to add to the conversation and empathise, I explained how as an eLearning provider we deliver online training courses to companies.

Coincidently the next day this article was emailed to me. It is a text heavy article but the end paragraph is key:

“More staff awareness of different types of disability could save a disabled customer the embarrassment of their disability being a stumbling block when they go to the cinema or theatre for a night out. Taking steps towards a greater understanding of disabled customers and their needs are not difficult ones to make, but ones that very much need to be made.”

This is true in so many places and not just cinemas and theaters. We should deliver more training to staff on customer service for people with disabilities. See the full article here:

As an eLearning provider, we’re working with companies across the UK delivering a number of Level 2 assured, off the shelf eLearning courses on key compliance topics including Disability Awareness eLearning.

As an organisation are you ensuring your front line staff are providing the best service to your customers?

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