Flight Attendant Saves a Victim of Modern Slavery

Sheila Fedrick, a Flight Attendant for Air Alaska has revealed how she saved a young teenage girl from a human trafficker, illegal under the Modern Slavery Act. The full article can be read here 

Sheila commented that although she’s been a flight attendant for 10 years it was her initial training that helped her spot the signs of Modern Slavery and realised there was a victim onboard the plane. “If you see something, say something” Fedrick stated.

Globally it is estimated there are nearly 21 million victims of human trafficking and its people like Sheila Fedrick that can help tackle the ‘great Human rights issue of our time’ – Theresa May.

As an organisation are you ensuring your training helps your employees spot the potential signs of Modern Slavery and what to do?

We have worked with UK and US based companies for the last 18 months designing and delivering custom and off the shelf Modern Slavery eLearning courses that help organisations comply with the legislation and train their workforce effectively.

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