Dragons Den: Wax on Wax Off!

Sunday’s episode of Dragons Den welcomed Gemma Cafferkey and her intimate waxing business WaxU’.

Gemma was looking for a £50,000 investment to grow her business. Currently, WaxU is being sold across 55 salons in the UK. Despite a great pitch, Gemma, unfortunately, left empty handed – much to our surprise.

During her presentation to the Dragon’s, Gemma explained her plan was to continue growing her routes to market by selling into more Salons with her ‘business in a box’ concept. Naturally, the more Salon’s her WaxU products can be found in the more exposure her brand has which leads nicely to more customers and more revenue streams.

So why didn’t she get investment?

One reason we picked up on (and we’re familiar with) was the challenge of training Salon employees across multiple sites.

Ultimately the success or failure of Gemma’s business rests in the sales of her product and those responsible for it are employed by her customers across 55 salons (and growing) nationwide.

Our business roots resonate with Gemma and WaxU. Originally (10 years ago) we were delivering face to face training to Salons across the UK. Our founder, Mark Wilson was employed by many independent salons and the UK’s largest national salon chain to ensure training was consistent across all sites and that employees had both the ability and product knowledge to upsell their customers.

As eLamb grew we morphed into an online eLearning provider, delivering the same training online. Not only did eLearning allow us to reach a wider audience it ensured the consistency of training across the board and saved a considerable amount of time and money.

We must be doing something right as our first client is still with us today.

Our message to Gemma (and anyone in her situation), if your revenue streams depend on the sales teams of your customers then partner with an eLearning firm.

An eLearning provider such as eLamb can work with you to create custom eLearning courses that allow you to engage with your extended sales team, ensure product knowledge and most importantly get your key messages, USP’s and branding across, consistently in a time and money saving manner.

We’re currently doing this for many salons in the UK and other sectors such as product manufacture too. If you feel your business and sales channels could benefit from eLearning drop us a line.

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