Fire Safety with Dwight Schrute

If you haven’t seen Series 5 episode 13 of the US Office – Stress Relief, you really should. According to viewing figures its the most watched episode of the entire series and with good reason – its hilarious.

The episode opens up with Dwight running a realistic fire training course (without warning) and causes massive panic and concludes with Stanley suffering from a heart attack.  You can see the opening clip here it’s very much a lesson in how NOT to deliver fire safety training.

It was Dwight’s reasoning for setting fire to the office that grabbed our attention, to quote “Last week I gave a Fire Safety Talk and nobody paid any attention – its my own fault for using PowerPoint. PowerPoint is boring, people learn in lots of different ways”

It reminded us of a previous blog post – PowerPoint vs Storyline and whilst we agree with Dwight that everyone learns in different ways he didnt need to go to the extent that he did. Perhaps next time he could try our off the shelf fire safety eLearning courses that come with an assessment and are level 2 assured!

Just a suggestion, Dwight!

If you’re concerned your training methods for key compliance topics such as Fire Safety, H&S, Food Hygiene etc are falling on deaf ears and would like to know more about our off the shelf eLearning courses then get in touch.


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