5 Reasons to Make eLearning your New Year’s Resolution!

January 3rd marks the first working day of 2017 for many. it’s a time when the mind is fresh and strategic plans for the year are drawn up.

At eLamb, we’ve compiled 5 reasons why eLearning should be part of your New Year’s Resolution

1. It’s What your Learners Want

A recent report looking at 2,000 learners and their preferences concluded that the given the choice, modern-day learners want relevant, personalised learning that’s delivered at a pace they control and eLearning courses delivered at a time and on a device (mobile, laptop and tablet) that’ suits them.

2. It’s cost effective

There are both immediate and long term financial benefits with eLearning – you will see an immediate reduction in the time spent on classroom training and saving on course material, travel, hotels, trainers themselves.

You can read a case studyhere by City and Guilds Kineo covering how McDonald’s saved 2.5 million pounds per year with eLearning AND increased sales by 10% as a result of their eLearning training.

3. It’s Consistent

Unlike classroom training, eLearning ensures that each employee is exposed to the exact same training – i.e. the same material, delivery style and learning outcomes. eLearning allows you to ensure your team shares the same level of knowledge across the company. Consistent training means reliable performance and a consistent experience for your customers.

4. It’s Faster

eLearning is proven to increase the delivery cycle times by as much as 60% – here’s how.

  • There is no travel time for the teacher or the employee’s
  • Your face to face trainers no longer need to warm up and down a classroom of employees
  • Employees can work at their own pace rather than that of the room
  • Learning can take place at any time of day, not just between the hours of 9-5
  • Employees can focus on their weaknesses rather than face ship-dip training across areas they are already confident in
  • No manual marking – all reporting and feedback is instant.

5. It’s Scalable

Naturally, this will differ from each eLearning provider but with eLamb you can easily scale your eLearning in the following ways;

With all the benefits to be gained, the ease of implementation, companies that can help like eLamb of course and the direction of technology eLearning is a great New Year’s Resolution to make for you and your employees.

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