Supporting Airport Passengers with Hidden Disabilities

The Civil Aviation Authority has issued guidelines to help airports support travellers and staff with hidden disabilities. You can read a report here.

It is all too easy to forget that some disabilities are not visible, to put them aside because no physical side exists. It’s something the CAA has decided employees may need help with.

The CAA has asked for those who are suffering and may need extra help to be clearly visible to members of staff, they also recommend the creation of quiet areas and that this topic requires educating and training all airport employees. The good sign is that UK airports have welcomed the advice.

It is a legal obligation for every airport to provide ‘special assistance’ to any person with a disability or reduced mobility, which includes those with hidden disabilities.

When it comes to training airport employees, it has been proven that a more engaging and effective way to teach is preferable to the modern day staff member, in this case eLearning can provide that training.

Choosing from our Off The Shelf eLearning courses or having eLamb create your own custom content to suit the needs of your company, we are here to help push that online learning to all staff members.

Our Off The Shelf Disability Awareness eLearning course is CIEH assured to level 2 and is currently used in some of country’s best known companies such as Travelodge and QHotels.

This guidance can be used in conjunction any current training provided or it can be the start of eLearning for your company and gain access to our full Learning Management System too.

If you’d like to know more about our Disability Awareness eLearning course and think we can be of help to you then please get in touch.

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