Modern Slavery – UK Firms Take Note!

British supply chains are now responsible for the highest percentage of UK Modern Slavery crimes, claims a new report.

Ethical Corporation have stated that Labour exploitation has now overtaken sexual exploitation as the most common form of UK Modern Slavery. 36% of the identified victims falling into this category are part of supply chains. eLamb are therefore asking all UK businesses, are you aware of your supply chain and if it complies with the Modern Slavery Act?

Unfortunately, this is only the tip of the iceberg. The Home Office predict that at any one time in Britain there are between 10,000-13,000 victims of Modern Slavery. Globally there are more slaves today than there has ever been.

With the Prime Minister openly tackling the Great human rights issue of our time and the first annual report released last month by Kevin Hyland (the UK’s 1st independent anti-slavery commissioner), it’s fair to say that the topic of Modern Slavery is now in the boardroom of large organisations.

eLamb have been working with Large UK organisations such as Arris International, Barratt Developments and FCC Environment over the past year, delivering effective Modern Slavery eLearning courses to educate employees on the topic of Modern Slavery, the potential risks and how to spot UK Modern Slavery crimes within their organisation.

We have an off the shelf eLearning course on Modern Slavery ready to use in your LMS system or ours. Alternatively, we can use this module as a starting point and create a custom eLearning course for you. We can tailor the content for your learners and courses can also be branded to match your corporate colour scheme.

If you’d like to learn more about our Modern Slavery online training course then get in touch with us today on 01325 734 885 or send us an email.


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