7 Things You Need to Know When Training Millennials

As 2017 approaches the influx of Millennials into the workplace is going to continue. Are you aware of the differences in the next generation and how they like to be trained?

We asked our very own Millennial and apprentice Siân, her thoughts on the benefits of eLearning and her experiences of it.


Siân Mitchell

As a Millennial, I’ve grown up experiencing a blend of face to face and online training – since I can remember I’ve been using technology to help me learn. I’ve compiled a list of 7 things I think you should consider if you are  responsible in your company for the development of the new generation.

Let me know if I’ve missed anything!

  • Learning on the go: The big benefit of eLearning is I can access it anywhere on any device, inc. web, tablet and mobile. It makes learning and development easier to fit in with my lifestyle. I’ve even completed training courses on the bus and train on my way to and from work!
  • Bitesize Learning: It often feels as though I am overloaded with things to learn, so I often pause the eLearning courses to suit my attention span. Shorter lessons have been proven to be more effective,  as learners retain more information that way. Boyette (2012) explained that 94% of professions requiring Learning & Development stated their learners preferred bitesize online learning. Further research suggests the perfect time is 20 minutes for each course which equates to approximately 1 hour of face to face training.
  • Flexibility: With eLearning I can complete my training at a time and place that suits my learning preferences, courses are genuinely shorter and I can spend more time going over the topics I personally struggle with more than those I find easier. Also, as someone starting out in the working world training isn’t as important to me as perhaps it should be, my friends and I are young and our social lives are more important – therefore the freedom to complete training when it suits us is great.
  • Instant Feedback: Everyone (not just millennials) loves instant feedback and gratitude, we live in a world where we put everything online in the hunt for ‘likes’, ‘retweets’ and ‘shares’ from our friends and the world in general – when it comes to learning I want the same, I want to know how well I’ve done instantly and I want all feedback to be personal. eLearning also allows me to fail without fear, I can complete a course and not feel humiliated if you get a lower score.

  • Leaderboards: However, if you want, eLearning can create fun and friendly competition between your employees with the introduction of leaderboards – it makes learning more engaging. This is a real highlight as millennials, such as myself, are very competitive and I love to see my performances (particularly when I do well) at the top of a table!
  • Gamification: I don’t want mundane experiences, I want excitement. Scenarios and interactive elements make training fun, to my generation gamification is preferred over the standard classroom. I grew up with consoles like Nintendo Wii, PlayStation 3 and Xbox360 with every game offering trophy’s, badges and leaderboards for good performances. Without doubt, gamification engages Millennials whilst delivering key learning content.
  • Getting Social: I live on my smart phone and on social media. So why not incorporate this into my training and education, I wouldn’t hesitate to share my performance  with my peers, to either challenge them to do better than me or share my experience of the training.

In case you can’t tell, I like most Millennials prefer eLearning over face to face training, I’m more comfortable with a tablet in my hand than I am in front of a projector. Face to face training will always have a place but for most topics eLearning is the obvious choice for the younger, tech savvy generation!


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