Victims of Modern Slavery are Being Failed – Report Finds

Kevin Hyland, the UK’s Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner first annual report was presented to Parliament this Wednesday. You can read the report here 

The report claims that at any one time there is an estimated 10,000 to 13,000 victims of Modern Slavery here in Britain. Furthermore, present and future victims are being failed by both the British Police and Organisations. Mr Hyland stated that within the Police there is a  chronic weakness in crime reporting and a lack of intelligence reporting in place. With regards to UK Organisations, the report states that the current stance of many is to treat Modern Slavery as a simple tick box exercise.


As an organisation, when checking your supply chains are untainted by Modern Slavery are you seeing this as a ‘box ticking’ exercise? How about the education of your employees on the concept of Modern Slavery, the key risks to your organisation/industry, how to spot the signs and how to report any cases?

At eLamb, we’re working with a number of forward-thinking, high profile organisations in the delivery of in-depth and engaging Modern Slavery eLearning course and assessment that educates your colleagues on the topic and how to identify signs of Modern Slavery across your supply chain and organisation.

We have an off the shelf Modern Slavery eLearning course available today that has the following learning outcomes;

  • What is Modern Slavery
  • The Key Risks to an organisation
  • How to spot the signs of Modern Slavery
  • What to look for and what to do
  • Your Policies and Processes

As you can see the last bullet point, we can easily insert a few custom slides into the off the shelf eLearning course to personalise the module to include your company’s policies.

Looking for a custom made eLearning course on Modern Slavery?

Due to the nature of Modern Slavery and the legal requirements, large organisations tend to require a custom eLearning course and quick! In this case eLamb can really help! as we can use our off the shelf eLearning course as a solid starting point and created a bespoke Modern Slavery eLearning course quickly that meets your exact needs, including’ branding, relevant industry examples, industry pictures, case studies and the difference in the Modern Slavery law in the UK and other countries in which you operate.

Would you like to see our Modern Slavery eLearning course and assessment? drop us a note below or email call us on 01325 734 885 and we’ll be in touch to arrange free access for your to review in your own time.



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