Police Carry Out Random Inspections: Modern Slavery

This week almost 50 locations in Blackpool and Morecambe were visited by the Police, HMRC and Immigration Enforcement in an attempt to raise awareness and tackle Modern Slavery in the UK. You can read the story here.

30 of the visited venues were Hotels, Local Car Washes, Massage Parlours and Nail bars were also visited and 47 people were interviewed.

On this occasion, no instances of Slavery or Trafficking were uncovered.

With new laws being laid down by Parliament to crack down on Modern Slavery and every business required to comply, are you and your colleagues ready to face an unscheduled inspection from the Police?

Over the last 9 months, we’ve been working with pro-active businesses across the Hospitality, Construction and Product Manufacturing industries to develop custom and off the shelf Modern Slavery eLearning courses and assessments that train and educate employees on how to spot signs of Modern Slavery and eradicate it from the workplace. Our courses are also helping ensure helping companies comply with the legislation.

If you’re yet to act, it’s not too late – at eLamb, we can provide you with a custom-made eLearning course or an off the shelf Modern Slavery course and knowledge assessment today.

All our eLearning courses including Modern Slavery can run on our LMS system or yours. We can also fully brand it to fit your needs and include your businesses official policies on Modern Slavery.

Why not email us today and we can show you our off the shelf eLearning courses and discuss how we can help you comply with the new Modern Slavery legislation.

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