Up and Running – like Usain Bolt.

“Imagine if our new employees could join our hotel running at the pace of The Bolt”

That was the dream from one of our clients. A dream that existed 3 months ago in a meeting room of one of the world’s most iconic hotels.

How could eLamb, an eLearning and LMS provider help reduce the time taken to induct a new employee within the hospitality sector?

Allow us to explain…

Since 2007 eLamb have provided bespoke and off the shelf eLearning Hospitality packages to clients including; QHotels, IHG, Travelodge and many independent hotels and restaurants across the UK. During that time, we have seen the rise of eLearning within this industry across onboarding, inductions and on the job training.

Our three main offerings are; our LMS System – eLambLMS, hospitality training packages that are level 2 compliance assured and custom eLearning courses. We can provide the perfect eLearning courses that accompany your employee across their work lifecycle.

So how do you get employees up and running at the pace of Usain Bolt?


Imagine if by 9am on day 1 your new employee had taken an induction eLearning course that covers the history of your hotel, facts and stats, hotel quirks and promotions along with corporate structure.

That’s a great start…

But what if they were also sat there with industry stamped certificates showing they had completed eLearning courses on Health & Safety, Fire Safety, Licencing Laws, Food Safety (and more) all to level 2 standard as well… that gives you an employee with the pace of The Bolt!

That was our client’s dream, they wanted employees hitting the ground running – maybe not quite 100m in 9.58 seconds but you get the point!

The introduction of a custom eLearning course and hospitality training packages has now reduced their induction from 5 days to 2.

How can you achieve that? Partnering with eLamb of course.

IF you’re an eLearning pro and already have compliance courses in place and simply looking for a bespoke induction eLearning course to compliment your hotel training and simply speed up onboarding/ inductions then give us a call – working to any budget we can scope out your requirements and deliver a bespoke induction eLearning course from your material. What’s more is that all content we create is yours to keep, including all raw files. You can read more about our eLearning content development offering here.

Is eLearning new to your hotel? then why not start with the basics and take advantage of our off the shelf eLearning– we have an eLearning hospitality package featuring 7 level 2 assured courses and assessments – with uncapped access and exchangeable licences all for one annual price. You can view more information on our hospitality eLearning package here.

Over the next 5 years, eLearning and LMS systems are expected to grow in popularity by 25% year on year.

Like the other athletes, don’t be in The Bolt’s shadow. Act today for a faster tomorrow.


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