Halloween Horror Film Quiz!

‘Jeepers Creepers’ its already been a month since we released our Big Chocolate Quiz, 28 days later‘* and we’re back…

it’s 3 o’clock on a Friday, are you Chained to your desk, clock watching like a zombie? Allow us to Disturbia … like a Shining light eLamb are here to raise your spirits with the Gift.

To celebrate Halloween the eLearning team have been Conjuring up a special Trick ‘r Treat Horror Film Quiz for you to sink your teeth into. Who Saw that coming?

Depending on your appetite you can Descent through our small quiz or if you’re hungrier than Hannibal Lecter you can devour the bigger one!


Click here for access

Not wanting to play? you’re either a Psycho or a big Misery guts!

What about The Others? well, we’re glad you ask – take our Olympics Quiz, Chocolate or Brain Teaser quizzes here!

*never let the actual number of days get in the way of a good pun.

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