Fire Wrecks the Oldest Hotel in England.

Earlier today a fire broke out at the Royal Clarence Hotel, England’s oldest hotel dating back to 1769. Fortunately, the hotel has managed to evacuate all staff and residents with no casualties currently reported.

The story is currently being reported across the internet on sites including BBC News. Reports suggest that the Hotel steeped in history, in the center of Exeter has taken significant damage.

It is a timely reminder that fire training is of great important – fire can literally occur at any time, in any hotel. Are you and your team appropriately trained?

As an eLearning provider, we’re passionate about online training. We have developed a range of off the shelf eLearning courses including a suite of level 2 compliance modules and assessments on topics such as Fire Safety which we currently supply to many hotels across the UK as part of our hospitality training package.

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Our thoughts are with everyone associated with the Royal Clarence Hotel.

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