Custom eLearning vs Bland

Hi, I’m Stephen and I head up our eLearning strategy here at eLamb – I’ve created many of our off the shelf eLearning courses for the Hospitality, Construction, Hair and Beauty and Product Manufacturing industries, I’m also the brains behind all of our custom eLearning courses that we create to meet our customers exact needs. Today I wanted to share with you my thoughts on custom eLearning vs Bland eLearning and give you some food for thought…

When we think about eLearning we sometimes forget that each course is made up of individual slides much like a book is made up of individual pages. When most books are made though little thought is put into what is on each individual page as the content overall is what people want. This is not the same in eLearning.

Each slide starts as a blank screen and although objects such as the slide title and navigation buttons stay in the same places, we have the opportunity to make some unique and I encourage you to do so.

Some eLearning providers or producers shy away from this opportunity and this leads to your learners quickly recognising the same few slide types over and over e.g. Text with image on the right, text with image on the left, text over large image in background, etc. Eventually, you will notice that this eLearning course is actually just a technical manual with generic stock images. Although you may appreciate that someone has taken the time to split this manual into smaller, easier to digest pieces; you will soon despair when you realise that you are on slide 11 of 153.

At eLamb we look at this blank slide and we think, “What is the best way of displaying this online training course?” or “How can we make this training information interesting?”, “Can we explain this eLearning content better?“ Interactions, quizzes, games, animations and videos are all tools that we use to make our eLearning more interesting, more fun, more memorable and most importantly effective. We’re not only passionate about custom eLearning for our learners but we also believe it’s a reflection of the company too – your learners will view any eLearning training given to them as a direct reflection of the company they work for.

At the end of the day, there is a reason why we don’t give our employees a technical manual or a stack of policies/procedures and lock them in a small room for several hours. We could try providing them with a stack of generic images of smiling men and women in suits but I don’t think it would help…

Let’s aim to make engaging eLearning instead.

I’d like to finish with a recent example of custom eLearning vs bland.

Bland eLearning

Bland eLearning – text heavy, lack of color and images.

Bespoke eLearning

Custom eLearning – drag and drop functionality that engages with some colour to bring it to life.

what eLearning course would you prefer to take?


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