Anti Slavery Day – Are you Compliant?

Today is Anti Slavery day across the UK and we wanted to bring as much attention to it as possible.

Modern Slavery is an issue very much in focus, it’s closer than you think. The very real danger is that people in our county’s, villages or even streets could be involved in this heinous act. Slavery is not an issue confined to history or an issue that only exists in certain countries – it is something that is still happening today. It is a global problem and the UK is no exception.

The current Prime Minister Theresa May was quick off the mark to comment that it’s the great human rights issue of our time and has pledged 33 million pounds to modern-slavery-infocombat the issue and also introduced the ‘Modern Slavery Act’ in 2015. A task force has been set up within the government to tackle it with as much force as possible.

The most recent of estimates from the government estimate around 13,000 people in the UK are currently in modern slavery, this number increases staggeringly to 45 million worldwide. Victims are said to include women forced into prostitution, “imprisoned” domestic staff and workers in fields, factories and fishing boats. It is a life of depravity.

As part of the act, companies with a turnover of £36m or more per year are required by law to release an annual statement on how they’re intending to help the fight to stop these atrocities.

Here at eLamb, we are becoming an extension of companies who are wanting to go beyond a compliance notion and who want to help their staff and supply chains go through the proper checks and reinforcements that will start bringing a stop to modern slavery.

We have created an engaging and educating off the shelf eLearning Modern Slavery course which outlines sections to bring staff the knowledge needed to spot, react and stop the process if they see it within the business. They include what Modern Slavery is, what to check for with external clients, how to react to Modern Slavery and the processes staff should take to ensure it’s not in the company supply chains.

If you’d like to learn more about our off the shelf Modern Slavery eLearning course and how it can keep your company compliant, do get in touch.

For more information on Modern Slavery, see our info graphic – Modern Slavery, The Fact & Figures.


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