The Apprentice: Learning before Earning


The Apprentice: Learning before Earning 

BBC’s hit tv show ‘The Appprentice’ is starting next week and with it comes the usual rabble of pretentious youngsters and old timers who’ve done it all regardless of what success they have or haven’t got. One thing that is apparent every single year is the unwillingness for the candidates to listen and learn from each other; the singular monetary goal being their only desire. Obviously, it’s all for the cameras, and in the business, world reality would be less dramatic for us to all view. It was with the shows impending start that we wanted to get our very own apprentice Siân, to write a blog about her own experience, in her own words, moving from the classroom learning environment to a company which is dedicated to creating off the shelf eLearning as well as Custom eLearning.

Books on A Desk for Back to SchoolAs the newest employee at eLamb, one of the first things I noticed about moving into working life was how different an environment I was now in when compared to being in the classroom. My sixth form was good but it wasn’t the right environment for me to learn in, I was more of an independent learner and I was becoming bored with the same monotonous lessons every day. After several unsuccessful attempts to gain employment the opportunity to join the team here fell into my lap and I knew straight away it would be right for me. It wasn’t just about earning money, it was about learning too. What we do here with our online training and assessments is create fun and engaging learning modules,
it’s a stark move away from the traditional methods I’d been used to and gotten bored of.

Gamification_Could_Be_the_Way_You_Motivate_Disengaged_EmployeesThe systems were also a challenge to me, having to understand learn exactly what our learning management systems were and what they’re capable of was eye opening; the benefit I have is that my bringing up has been online and on computers and this is something most workforces are now having to look at. With the newer generation moving into employment, it’s no longer efficient to have as much face to face training, but to move to more modern methods, such as gamification and using current technology to embrace their employees. There is also the working hours, but I’m sure we all understand how tiring they can be!

Another challenge I faced was the different environment; being in an office with a handful of colleagues is a lot different to being in a classroom with friends who I’ve known for years. It’s been a good change but sometimes when the guys here are talking about Fraggle Rock, Top of the Pops and apparently Snickers used to be called Marathon bars…who knew!



Despite the struggles of the changes, the guys have made me feel really welcome. I’m usually a very shy person but I’ve really opened up and come out of my shell since working here. The relaxed office atmosphere has helped and they are very helpful whenever I need anything. I already feel confident enough to talk to clients about their LMS system and have no worries that i’m learning every day.



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