My New Car: The Gamification Of Life

The Gamification Of Our Lives 

A new car might seem like an odd place to start when talking about eLearning but it will actually make a lot of sense come the end of this blog. At the weekend I picked up my new car and as most of us will no doubt do, I got it back home and spent nearly an hour fiddling about with the dashboard to get things just to my liking. One of the surprise elements I found was the EcoMode mode.

EcoMode Drive


Immediately I wanted to know what this was all about. What was I being graded on? What were the symbols representing? What did each section really entail? I then spent another 30 minutes in the car browsing the web to try and figure out not only what the mode meant, but how could I get 5/5 on each section. It was then I realised the simple act of me driving, wherever the destination may be, had been ‘Gamified’. That is, I was playing and getting scored on my everyday actions without even knowing it. It was Gamification




Most people need an effective experience to motivate them and these have to be engaging too, this pushes people to participate in the learning process. This is the same both outside of the office, driving your car for example, but also inside the office….or the work yard….or the hotel, as other examples. This is probably why eLearning has never been more popular because of its integration with gaming as an essential part of learning. There are also many reviews on the effectiveness of gaming on learning over the past 40 or so years. Richard van Eck of the University of North Dakota said it has positive and lasting effects beyond the methods of traditional text-based methods.


lifestyle-gaming-appsI started to think how other tasks I did could be or had been gamified already. I regularly plugged my headphones in, put on my running shoes and took to the streets for a lengthy jog in the morning. The difference was that I wasn’t playing the Rocky soundtrack, I was listening to an app called Zombies, Run! It was an interactive story that was aided with GPS technology, the story playing through my headphones, zombies and armed forces getting closer and further away the faster and longer I ran. There were many a time I was nearly caught by a dangerous horde of the undead as my tired legs grew more and more jelly like but I persevered in order to gain my post run medals.

sbux-rewards_largeEvery time I use my Starbucks app to order myself a chai latte, I get a little star/reward. I’m being motioned towards buying more coffee (not a problem, by the way) without even realising all because I want to get more stars.
Although this isn’t a direct link to learning, it is an extremely good link to how the gamification of a simple task can push the user into a different mind set. It stops becoming something that HAS to be done as part of compliance, but something that they WANT


How does this tie in with eLamb as both an eLearning Provider and creators of custom eLearning? Part of what we strive to achieve is adding game mechanics to your training material and at the same time encouraging your work force to learn while having fun. We have the following games available today – all we need is your training material: Deal or No Deal, Who Wants to be a Millionaire, Penalty Shoot Out and classics like Battleships, Hangman and Noughts & Crosses. What we can also provide is the LMS system to run all your eLearning on.


If you’d like to learn more about gamification  of eLearning courses and assessments on an array of topics and how they can be used to train your staff to the required legal standards drop us a note below or call +44 (0)1325 734 885.



2006 Richard Van Eck. EDUCAUSE Review, vol. 41, no. 2 (March/April 2006).

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