Can your restaurant risk losing 75% of its customers?

Can your restaurant risk losing 75% of its customers? 

Checklit released a report earlier this week that surveyed 1,101 people in an attempt to identify the financial impact of getting Food Safety wrong.

The report concludes that food hygiene ratings have a far greater influence over a consumer’s choice of where they eat with 75% stating they would never visit or revisit an establishment liked with bad hygiene or food poisoning incidents unless it was under new ownership – this statistic alone shows the importance in food safety training.

This applies to all venues too, not just restaurants such as bars, hotels, sandwich shops and pubs. One the food hygiene scale anything below 3 out of 5 received a negative reaction from those surveyed.

The study also reports that your consumers are more aware of food standards and safety issues siting that we now live in an era where information and experiences (good and bad) can be shared via social media and review websites within minutes and read by millions, the power is with your customers and the risk of poor food hygiene is critical to a business’ survival

Are you doing all you can to insure your avoiding the risk of losing 75% of your customers?

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