7 Reasons eLearning is More Popular Than Ever

Online training and eLearning has been possible for the best part of 20 years, but it’s only become popular over the last 5 or 6 years. So what are the reasons for e-Learning being so popular?

Industry experts predict it’s popularity to continue growing by 25% year on year for at least the next 5 years.

As an eLearning provider for almost 10 years, eLamb has been part of this exciting growth journey. We have seen a growing enthusiasm among our clients across the hospitality, construction, waste management, manufacturing and hair & beauty industries. But why is eLearning gaining traction fast?

Here’s our top 7 reasons for e-Learning being more popular than ever!

1. Hit the Ground Running 

Many of our clients partner with us to reduce their time spent onboarding and enable their employees to start working quickly with important knowledge already under their belt.

Consider how efficient your onboarding could be if at 10am on day 1 your newest employees have filled out all required forms, completed compliance based eLearning modules, been introduced to the culture of your business and are aware who key personnel are?

We’ve worked with many businesses to create custom onboarding training that reduces their onboarding time by as much as 60%.

‘Pre-boarding’ is also becoming more common, especially among industry leading companies. The Aberdeen Group released a study demonstrating the potential of onboarding training delivered by eLearning. The full report can be found here, but here are the highlights;

  • 69% of Best-in-Class companies begin the onboarding process before day one.
  • Best-in-Class companies are 1.6 times more likely to give employees on-demand access to forms and onboarding content before day 1.
  • Companies with short onboarding programs are 9% less likely to retain their employees.

2. On Demand Learning 

reasons for e-learning eLambeLearning offers your employees the flexibility to learn when it suits them. With eLearning your training can be delivered 24/7 and accessed via a device of their choosing at a time and location that’s convenient to them – meaning your employees can use their preferred blend of mobile, tablet or laptop at home, on the bus or in the workplace at any time of day or night.

This flexibility and on demand learning style is impossible to achieve with a traditional classroom-based learning strategy. Research shows that when an employee is able to fit learning around their life and go through an eLearning course at their own pace, the learning outcome is more likely to be achieved – so you meet your training objectives, and employees retain the training better.

3. Push Pull 

learning methods reasons for e-learningKeeping in theme with on demand eLearning, a flexible online approach via a cloud based LMS system also allows you to create a ‘push pull’ eLearning strategy.

Push: Depending on your employee’s job title or career plan, you can push them required and relevant training by assigning them specific courses they need to complete.

Pull: Proactive learners who engage with eLearning can access additional courses, meaning they are able to work on their career development and ‘pull’ training that is of interest to them and the career path they want to take.

A push-pull strategy enables an organisation to tailor the learning journey to each individual but also gives employees the ability to take control of their learning journey and self-develop.

4. Faster Delivery 

Reporting why is e-learning popularA key advantage of eLearning is the delivery cycle times are 25-60% faster than traditional classroom-based learning.

How is eLearning so much quicker?

Trainers no longer need to warm up and warm down a class of learners.
Learners work at their own pace rather than the pace of a group of people.
There is no travel time for your trainer or employees.
Learning can take place outside office hours.
Learners can focus on the sections of the eLearning course they need to learn about and skim the sections they’re most confident with.
Reporting & feedback is instant – there is no need for the course or assessment to be marked by hand and results given to participants days, weeks, months later – or even worse, never!

5. It’s what your employees really want! 

A report from Towards Maturity researching more than 2,000 learners looked at the difference between Corporate learning and how employees actually wanted to learn. It found when given a choice, modern day learners prefer relevant, personalised learning delivered via mobile devices, at a pace and time that suits them and their lifestyle. This has to be one of the strongest reasons for e-Learning implementation in the workplace – giving learners the options they prefer will result in higher engagement and performance.

The report also highlights that learners prefer social and collaborative learning. You can read the full report here.

6. Cost Effective 

reasons for e-learning generic e learningThis has to be one of the biggest commercial reasons for e-learning uptake in industry. There are short and long term financial gains to be obtained from eLearning course development…

Online training will immediately reduce training time per person, and save the costs of course materials, travel expenses, accommodation, and the cost of your trainers being on-site. Regularly saving on man hours should result in an increase in profitability for your organisation.

City & Guilds Kineo wrote a case study on McDonalds who saved £5million in training costs over a 2-year period with eLearning – they also saw a 10% sales growth as a result of their eLearning training. You can see the full case study here.

7. Doing your bit for the environment! 

why is e-learning popular online trainingAs an alternative to paper-based learning and classroom testing, eLearning is a significant aide in the battle to reducing your carbon footprint. A study by the Open University found that eLearning courses consume up to 90% less energy and 85% fewer C02 emissions per learner. Need we say anymore?

So there you have our 7 top reasons for e-Learning being more popular now than ever!

Would you add any more reasons to our list? Get in touch below and let us know!

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