My first month with eLamb

CraigI’m the newest team member here at eLamb, having joined the company on August 1st. My background was in producing mobile games and apps so when eLamb had a vision to bring seriously fun games to eLearning, along with the company culture already in place here, I jumped at the opportunity.

Coming up to my first full month here, I wanted to go over some of the things I’ve learnt and come across along the way. The first thing was re-adjusting to a client facing role from being completely internal in my last role. It’s something I’ve always enjoyed in previous roles and at eLamb I’ve enjoyed it from the first phone call. Building up relationships in the office is my natural way of working, building a rapport with someone you’d never met before and have no face to put to the voice or e-mail is something I’ve always found exciting. It’s a huge part of the way we work here at eLamb, putting the client at the forefront of our day to day and being available for any queries or questions whenever they may arise, making this role a great fit for me.

Second on the agenda was coming to grips with a complete industry change. The custom eLearning coursesoff the shelf eLearning, LMS system and online assessment, we provide here is completely new to me. This is where eLamb shines and having introduction modules ready for our own staff to help with their integration to the company and team was invaluable. It also saved what I’d estimate to be around a dozen man hours and removed the need for shadowing or face to face learning from another team member.

One of the main selling points of myself to the company was creating some games we could use as training and assessment methods. We did this in the first 3-4 weeks by creating our Summer GamesSummer Games module. Its a really fun way to bring some interest to staff assessments. This method of creating a competitiveness to a companies training will become standard in the near future and we are working to create things like league tables, team building and friendly competition between staff members and they will be announced soon.

All in all its been a solid start for myself and I hope my colleagues would agree I’ve settled in well to the team here. I’m now looking forward to creating more games, engaging with more clients and seeing more new staff members walk in the door just like I have

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