“The Great Human Rights Issue of our time” The Modern Slavery Act, 1 year later.

This weekend saw the 1st anniversary of the Modern Slavery Act and our new Prime Minister Theresa May feels we need to be doing more. She has vowed to make it her mission to rid the world of the “barbaric evil” that is Modern Slavery, calling it the great human rights issue of our time. She is setting £33m from the aid budget aside to fund initiatives.

As a provider of custom and off the shelf eLearning, eLamb has been commissioned by a number of companies across the Hospitality, Construction and Environmental Services to create educational eLearning courses on Modern Slavery.

If you’re responsible for the training and development of your employees, are you doing all you can to ensure that your colleagues are aware of the Modern Slavery act, the key risks to your company/industry, their responsibilities and what to look for?

No? Modern Slavery is a very real problem, not just across the globe but here in the UK. The Home Office estimates there are between 10,000 and 13,000 victims of Modern Slavery right here in the UK, in 2015 there were 289 offences prosecuted. It’s believed that victims are commonly be found in shops, on building sites, in hotels and manufacturing firms.

Here is a hard hitting TV campaign produced by the home office on Modern Slavery in the UK

So what can you do to ensure your company is meeting its responsibilities and your employees are aware of the act, what to look for and what to do should they spot a victim?

As an eLearning provider, we naturally believe the delivery of an engaging eLearning Modern Slavery course and assessment is the perfect solution when mixed with appropriate face to face training.

If you’d like to learn more about the eLearning courses that we have created on The Modern Slavery Act and how our online Modern Slavery training can help you meet your responsibilities with this relatively new act, then do get in touch.

Within a few weeks we could deliver an off the shelf or custom written Modern Slavery eLearning course and assessment for you and your employees.

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