Is the Force with you?

A Production company, Foodles Production pleaded guilty earlier today (July 26th) to two criminal charges as a ‘foreseeable incident’ resulted in Han Solo actor Harrison Ford breaking his leg during the filming of Star Wars episode 7 in 2014.

The news story started a discussion here at eLamb, we thought we’d write a new blog asking – is the Force with you and your employees? 

We of course mean, are you ensuring that all foreseeable incidents are being avoided through the delivery of online compliance training and assessments?

If the answer is no, then read on, you must! 

We’re providing our off the shelf, assured to level 2 compliance eLearning courses across many industries incl. Hospitality, Manufacturing, Waste Management and Hair and Beauty. Our catalogue of eLearning modules comprises of topics such as; Health & Safety, Fire Safety, Risk and Food Safety.

“These aren’t the courses that you’re looking for”?  – don’t move along. We can also create custom designed eLearning courses for you!

Working with eLamb will give you and your employees full access to our suite of assured eLearning courses and complimentary knowledge assessments in our LMS system or yours. You can track and monitor your workforce’s understanding on key topics and legislation, ensuring all foreseeable incidents are avoided.

If you’d like to discuss our Jedi training further, just give us a call 

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