Failure to Understand Nut Allergy Leads to Manslaughter

Earlier today a restaurant owner from North Yorkshire was found guilty of manslaughter after one of his customers suffered a severe anaphylactic shock after eating a dish containing nuts. You can read the full story here

Whilst eLamb would like to tread carefully around a very sensitive subject we did want to comment on this very serious topic. We are passionate about the training and education of employees and believe that this unfortunate event could have easily been avoided with the appropriate training and knowledge.

It’s so important that as a restaurant owner you appreciate the severity of food hygiene and allergens…

The responsibility of food safety, hygiene and allergies falls to not only the manager but the chef the waiting staff and everyone in the business.  Regardless of the size and nature of the business – if you serve food, you need to be aware of your accountabilities and legislation.

We partner with many establishments where food is served including QHotels, Travelodge, The Restaurant Group and many independently owned hotels and restaurants providing off the shelf food hygiene and allergen eLearning courses each assured by the CIEH to level 2.

If you’d like to understand your responsibility and duty to the customer more and have a look at our courses and how they could help then please get in touch.

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