eLearning; the sensible solution.

We recently developed an introductory H&S eLearning course for a large UK hotel chain, the 20-minute module and assessment will be distributed to every employee initially and then used to streamline the induction process going forward. The aim of the course is to ensure every employee receives the same, consistent training and meets the required standards set by our client and the relevant legislation.

So why have we created this course?

Our clients main aim was to reduce the amount of time and money spent on face to face training and ensure that all training was consistent.

When you have multiple hotels and thousands of employees it becomes an almost impossible task to ensure that each employee is receiving the same training, understood the material and is using the training to meet and deliver the required standards.

Here’s why it’s difficult…

The Trainer

  • Style: Each will have their preferred way of delivering training to your employees
  • Attitude: Each will see the course material in a different way and this will affect their delivery
  • Skill and Experience: Naturally some will be better at their jobs than others
  • Language: How does your trainer deal with those that speak little to no English?
  • Availability: They can only be in one place at a time meaning there is little flexibility

The Learner

  • Style: Each employee will have their own preferred learning method and respond differently
  • Attitude: Some will take training seriously; others will see it as an opportunity to switch off
  • Skill: Some will understand the training and learn easily, others need more time and support
  • Language: How do your employees dissect and understand training in a foreign language
  • Availability: Perhaps they’re not working on the training day or off sick. Resulting in training needing to be rearranged or missed entirely

Here’s why eLearning is easier…

A custom designed eLearning course allows you to ensure consistency in your training delivery – you can guarantee the right style, tone and level of engagement is being supplied to your employees each and every time. Courses can also be fully translated and made available to those with ease.

eLearning also means your training is available on demand to suit your learner’s needs, availability and preferred device, laptop tablet and mobile. 24/7.

Furthermore, eLearning actually arms you with reporting – allowing you to monitor and measure the effectiveness of your training and identify and remedy employee knowledge gaps rather than a sheep dip approach often adopted by those without eLearning.

Doesn’t that just seem sensible to you?

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