Checklist: Would your hotel benefit from eLearning?

Would your staff training benefit from hotel eLearning? If this is something that has crossed your mind, our checklist will help you decide if now is the time to bring eLearning into your business.

We work with a lot of independent UK hotels, as well as national brands like Travelodge, QHotels, IHG and Park Plaza – all of whom use hotel eLearning courses and our LMS system in different ways to meet their goals.

If you answer No to most of the questions, then perhaps eLearning isn’t the best option for you right now. Face to face and class room training can’t always be replaced. For some businesses it will still be the best method in the short term.

If you answered Yes to most questions and you don’t use hotel eLearning or a Learning Management System in your business, then talk to us today – we’re more than happy to share some best practices with you and explain in more detail the benefits that hotel eLearning can bring.

If you answered Maybe to most of the questions, then the truth is, maybe hotel eLearning is right for you and maybe it isn’t! We’re happy to help you discover the best training solutions for your business now.

Is your onboarding process longer than 1 day?
Is consistent training important to you?
Do you employ more than 50 people?
Is there a large portion of your employees whose first language isn’t English?
Do you have an employee responsible for the training of staff?
Is there a qualified trainer on site to oversee all H&S, Fire, Food Safety, Risk and Licensing Laws training?
Is training carried out on a regular basis?
Are your employees geographically spread?
Are you trying to create a company culture spread across multiple sites?
Do your employees work in shifts and therefore not available at the same time?
Do you have to run multiple session again for those who missed it / didn’t understand?
Do you employ external training companies?
Do they need to revisit multiple times to deliver the same course?
Are your staff constantly waiting for their next training course to be delivered?
Do you need to relay information quickly, accurately and ensure its been understood?
Would your employees prefer to learn in different ways / at their own pace?
Would your employees benefit from being able to revisit a subject in their own time?
Is there a wide variety of knowledge and skills across your work force i.e. some well-trained, some novice and some in the middle?
Do you feel you can easily identify the gaps in your employee’s skills and knowledge gaps?
Can you easily identify your top performers and those most in need of training?
Do different members of staff require different training?
Could you prove all training has been carried out and understood by your employees?

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